Sin Break Informative Speech

(Sin, A Biblical Breakdown, By Kyle VanHatten)( Talks about The Origin, The definition, God's View, and How to lesson the power of sin in your life.

Hello to whatever audience is here with me today/tonight. I'm Kyle VanHatten and this is my sermon titled, Sin, a biblical breakdown(by Dave Moody, haha jk. Kyle VanHatten). I will talk with all of you about the origin of sin, the definition of sin, God's view on sin, and how to lessen the power of it in your life. I'd recommend to take notes if you can as this could affect the rest of your life with Jesus.
-The origin of sin
The first sin, was not Adam and Eve in the garden, but is spawned from Satan. The sin itself was pride. He despised being a servant, he thought he was above that, the opposite of
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Psalm 90:10. But what does sin actually mean,
-Three encompassing definitions . The first is the biblically one which starts in 1 John 3:4 " Everyone who makes a practice of sin in also practices lawlessness; sin is lawlessness". Whose law. The second definition I will share is the dictionary " Sin an immoral act considered to be a transgression against divine law". I see a pattern. My third and final definition today will be my personal definition" anything that separates you from God, being like God, that you have chosen to do or commit knowing its bad or in rebellion ."
- There's a pattern. Breaking god's law. But why shouldn't we, you may ask, what is the purpose. Many people believe that god's commands, are just a mundane, pointless book of rules, This cannot be farther from the truth. The purpose of god's commands( the ten and more ) is to benefit us, to protect us from the consequences of sin, to enrich our lives and make us more like god. So when we lie, steal, covet, Sin, we are just hurting ourselves and god. Best out in Jeremiah 5:25


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