Simon Lord Of The Flies Comparison Essay

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In the book Lord of the Flies by William Golding, there are many things to learn. He provides a great variety of outlooks on individuals and society, good and evil, right and wrong. For each of these topics, there are many examples in the book. A person could go on and on about any of those topics with similarities and differences, but for now, only one specific aspect of one of those topics will be discussed. Piggy and Simon both died in very brutal and barbaric ways, however there were some similarities and differences. Those connections include who killed them, how they died, and who was ruling when they happened.
In Simon and Piggy’s deaths, one of the big differences was who was the direct cause of it. When Simon was killed, all of the boys were a
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When Simon was killed, Jack had just taken leadership and was trying to win more of the boys over with a feast of the pig he and a few of the other hunters had killed earlier that day. The day before, Simon had wandered off on his own and met the Lord of the Flies while hallucinating, passed out, and when he woke up, he went to the top of the mountain to figure out what the ‘beast’ really was. When he got there, he discovered that it was just a dead parachutist, and he wanted to tell the boys. He went to the beach, and that turned out to be a grave mistake. In an attempt to prove that he was worthy of leadership, Jack led the group to believe that Simon was the beast, so they killed him. In comparison, when Piggy was killed, Jack and his tribe had just taken up residency on Castle Rock and had set up a way to kill intruders. Ralph, Piggy, and Samneric went to Jack’s tribe to get back Piggy’s glasses, which had been stolen in the middle of the night. Ralph and Jack started arguing and Piggy wanted to stop them. He started talking, but Roger got sick of him talking, so he dropped the huge rock on Piggy and killed

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