Simmons Lab Essay

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Simmons Laboratories Case Study
Simmons Laboratories is an organization that takes a strong approach on small teams to solve problems in studies. The organization has a project head, Dr. William Goh, who sets up the teams to work on a project. Simmons Laboratories team leader for the Photon Correlator is Brandon Newbridge. Newbridge took pride in his achievements of moving up quickly through the ranks at Simmons Laboratories and kept one thing in mind, Dr. Goh telling him “The sky is the limit for anyone who can produce!” This was all threatened by Lester Zapf. Dr. Goh suggested Lester Zapf work on Newbridge’s team to get him familiar with the research and organization. Newbridge noticed Zapf’s competence of the research, some of which
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This did not help the way that Newbridge had already felt about Zapf. Zapf then decided that he would work alone on his findings and would not adhered to team meetings. As time went on, the meeting leadership switched from the department leader, Newbridge, to Zapf and some members became absent. After some time, Newbridge went to speak to Goh. Goh asked Newbridge if Davenport and Oliver would continue being on the team. It had come to Newbridge’s attention that Zapf had mentioned something to Goh about them but had left out Link’s name. Newbridge approached Davenport and Oliver to see how they had felt about the changes, and they did not seem too fond of it. They felt they could not ask questions about Zapf’s finding without facing some kind of judgement. Newbridge had noticed that Zapf was becoming successful in breaking up the group. After six months of Zapf entering the group there was a meeting with important stakeholders and team leaders of the projects. Newbridge thought it would be best if Zapf took the lead of these meeting even though Zapf was not the team leader, but Newbridge was not aware of all the findings made by Zapf and felt he could not present the ideas as well. Goh thought it would be a great idea to have Zapf take the lead at the meeting. At the meeting Zapf was praised for his work by Goh and Newbridge took part along with many stakeholders. After a few weeks, Newbridge looked for a new job and accepted one without letting anyone know in

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