Similarities and Differences Between the Romantic Age and the Victorian Period.

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Similarities and differences between the Romantic Age and the Victorian Period. Similarities and Differences between the Romantic Age and the Victorian Period What were the similarities and differences between the Romantic Age and the Victorian Period? The Romantic Age and Victorian Period had many similarities, but they had far more differences. They first differed in rule: the Romantic Age didn’t have a king or queen, but the Victorian Period did. They were similar and different in writing styles, and beliefs. The Industrial Revolution also had an effect on both time periods. The Romantic Period was from 1784 until 1832. The Romantics brought amore brave, individual, and imaginative approach to both literature and life. During the …show more content…
The preromantics were a group of poets who represented a bridge between classicism and romanticism. They signaled the awareness of social problems and the love of nature that became typical of English romanticism. William Blake was the leading preromantic poet.(Merritt, 319). Romantic poets believed that nature was the principle source of inspiration, spiritual truth, and enlightenment. “Poets of the Romantic Age focused on the ordinary person and common life in order to affirm the worth and dignity of all human beings, and to repudiate to evils of a class system that artificially designated a few select people as more important than others because of wealth, position, or name,” said Pfordresher. From 1786 to 1830 a few major poets emerged who permanently affects the nature of English language and literature. Robert Burns was a Scottish writer who wrote about characters, sometimes with a Scottish dialect another writer of the Romantic Age was Percy Bysshe Shelley, and idealist and social reformer. John Keats wrote intense and vivid poems. Many deal with beauty and it’s inevitable passing. William Wordsworth and Samuel Taylor Coleridge were the first important English romantic poets (Merritt, 320). In 1798 Almeida 4 Wordsworth and Coleridge wrote a volume of poems called Lyrical Ballads. It has sometimes been called romantic poetry’s declaration of independence (Fuller, 281). Victorian poets thought and wrote

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