Similarities Between William Bradford And John Smith

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In the early 1600’s, there were two settlers, John Smith and William Bradford who came from England. In William Bradford's and Johns Smiths journal, it talks about the difficult lifestyle and the struggles of making new life in America. Although both journals and colonies share some similarities, they both also came across some differences. John smith came to the new world to seek for money while William Bradford came seeking for religious freedom and worship.

In John Smith journal, he writes his journal in third person and speaks highly of himself. “..always bearing the greatest task for his own share, so that in short time he provided most of them lodgings, neglecting any for himself.” (Smith 74) John Smith was greedy about himself. When Setting sail to a land in Virginia in 1607 at a place they named Jamestown, it was difficult for the men to live in Jamestown since there was harsh living conditions. They had disease spreading which killed a lot of the men. John smith and the other men all wanted money. “ our allowance was somewhat bettered by a
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The two colonies were both settled by English and operated under a version of Christianity. They both suffered through disease, and starvation but in different ways.. Jamestown and William Bradford both had some type of government. Jamestown had the House of Burgesses which was the first representative government and Plymouth was self government with the Mayflower Compact, which they agreed to obey all laws. These two colonies were both different but yet also very similar. Jamestown and Plymouth were the first two successful English colonies in North America. They were leaving their homes to have a better future. However, they both came to America for different reasons. John Smith came seeking for money and William Bradford came seeking for religious freedom. They suffered through a lot but still manage to be

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