Similarities Between The Yellow Wallpaper And The Story Of An Hour

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The Realization Connection
The stories of The Yellow Wallpaper and The Story of an Hour are an examples of how two different literary works have similar meanings. These stories are the tales of two women whose lives are forever changed by realizations they have while trapped in a room with themselves. In The Yellow Wallpaper the woman becomes crazy which is what everyone around her sees her as throughout the story. In The Story of an Hour the woman has a realization of freedom and dies when that freedom can no longer become a reality.
The story the Yellow Wallpaper is about a woman who is taken to a house in the countryside so that she can get better. She is forced to stay in this beat up old room with this patch of yellow wallpaper that at
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In the case of The Story of an Hour the woman becomes obsessed with this idea of Freedom by looking out of this window. While in her room, she keeps whispering the phrase “free! Body and soul free!”(2). She realizes that with her husband gone she is now free to do whatever she wants whenever she wants. This woman is no longer under the control of her husband and even though she once loved him she is still happy that he is gone because of what his death gave her. Her weight of being a wife and obeying every beck and call of her husband is gone. The only person she has to think and worry about now is herself. She is now her own top priority, previously her husband was that top priority. Now with her husband gone she prays that “life might be long”(3) when previously the the thought of a long life made her shudder. After being alone to ponder this thought of freedom she becomes so obsessed with it and realizes that “Spring days, and summer days, and all sorts of days… would be her own.”(3). She no longer had to live for anyone other than herself freeing her time and allowing her to anything she wishes. This idea was so strong that when her husband came back she died because her new truth is now impossible to have. She couldn 't go back to her old self after coming to the realization of freedom which changed her view on life, causing her to die of shock when that was no longer possible. Similar is true for The Yellow Wallpaper. The woman in this story becomes obsessed with this patch of yellow wallpaper on the wall where she is staying. After a couple of months of staring at it she starts to see a woman behind the paper and a few days before they are to leave she starts to tear the paper down to free the woman trapped inside. Although when she finally succeeds she realizes that she is the woman she saw within the wallpaper. In the effort to free the image in the paper she became what her husband tried to

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