Similarities Between Primates And Humans Essay

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The similarities between the social behavior of primates and humans are quite intriguing. In observation of human interaction in various situations, it is clear that a number of behaviors are also present in their distant primate relatives. Although evolution made a clear distinction on what is human, the innate behaviors of primates are still present within their everyday lives. From watching interactions between close friends, two individuals in a committed relationship, and two siblings, social behaviors present in primates can be seen in human lives. The understanding of the relationship between primate and human social behavior came from observing human interaction in three different settings. The first setting was comprised of closely bonded friends within a shared apartment. The second setting consisted of viewing a male and a female in a committed relationship within a living space. The third setting was of two children in their outside territory (outside of their home). By noting the behaviors exhibited by each individual within the situation, the reasoning for each can be explained through looking at the similarities to primate behavior. In each situation, one present behavior was empathy (or compassion), which is a way of communicating and affiliating with others. Empathy is characterized as having the ability to recognize the feelings of another (Jurmain, Kilgore, & Trevathan, 2013, p. 167). This sense of empathy seems to be present within all humans,…

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