Similarities Between Paradise Lost And The Bible Essay

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Similarities and Differences of Paradise Lost to the Bible In Paradise Lost by John Milton there are several similarities and differences between the
Bible’s version and Milton’s of the fall from paradise by Adam and Eve. The directions from God about the tree, who caused Eve to disobey the directions, and her giving of the fruit to Adam are similar in both works. Differences between Milton’s epic poem and the Bible are apparent as the reason Satan seeks to destroy Adam and Eve is revenge and jealousy in the poem and not mentioned in the Biblical text, and there is no mention of why Adam and Eve are not together when Satan seeks to trick her in the Bible. Another difference is that in Milton’s work, Adam makes a conscious decision to eat the fruit of the forbidden tree and there is no mention of this in the Biblical version. In the Bible and in Milton’s poem Eve states that she and Adam have been told not eat from a certain tree. “ Of each tree in the garden we may eat, but of the fruit of this fair tree amidst the garden, God hath said, ‘Ye shall not eat therefore, nor shall ye touch it, lest ye die’” (Milton 2105). In both works this warning is the same. Another similarity is in these writings is the historical figure that causes Eve to disobey God’s rule for the garden is a serpent, which is just Satan in disguise. The last similarity of the two works is the giving of the fruit to Adam. Eve is the character that first disobeys God and she then gives the…

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