The Creation And Consequences Of God In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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After the creation of the havens and the earth. God thought it was empty and dark over the surface and the spirit of the god was soaring over the water. Then god formed the light and separated as morning and evening. Similarly, the god thought that the water under the sky be gathered to one place and let dry the ground appear, so god called the dry ground “land “and gathered water and called a s “sea”. In the process of creating many things in the earth god created living creatures according to their kinds such as the livestock, the creature that moves along the ground, and the wild animals. Furthermore, god thought of making mankind, so that they may rule over the fish and the birds in the sky and over the livestock and other wild animals, then god made a mankind in the image of the god called Adam and Eve. On the other hand, the scientist called Frankenstein creates a human by his own research about the physiology of the body at the university. Victor Frankenstein works really hard and he took his objective of creating a man in an interesting way. But, at the final Frankenstein could not make his dream come true. The creation process of both god and Frankenstein were different but we can find some of the similarities between their creations and consequences of their creature. One day, the god thought to make a mankind in their image and likeness, So that he may rule over the fish in the …show more content…
Both god and Frankenstein produce their man in their own ways. We can find that the god’s power cannot be compared with a power of a Frankenstein. I appreciate the strong courage of Frankenstein to make a human like him. Similarly, in the story of Marry shelly, we can find that it is not everything that man can make it necessarily good or bad and shows that human should to try to play as

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