Similarities Between Citizen Kane And The Great Gatsby

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Many people are living in America share the same the dreams and cultures. People share the same dreams just like happiness, equality, freedom, democracy, rights, liberty, opportunity. In America, people live under an idealism that money and happiness will always translate to happiness. The American Dream tells the world that these things are simply the only things that are needed in order to live in a life without emptiness, however, the characters from the stories strongly explain that this nature is false. America became a nation with the immigration of the people from many places in the world, it created many cultures, traditions and dreams. Based on the culture and the dreams of America, many authors have wrote stories, novels, and poems about the definition of America. Through the characters in the stories such as Charles Foster Kane of “Citizen Kane, Gatsby of The Great Gatsby, Dexter Green in “Winter Dream” First, Charles Foster Kane in the story Citizen Kane. Throughout the story, we can see that Kane is a businessman in the newspaper business and he loves his job. He tries to be the best of the business in his constant race for the top. Again, he represents the American mentality through his drive to be successful. Kane is a complex character, he is a successful man and he …show more content…
Nick moved to New York and lived next door to Gatsby, an affluent man who lives a frivolous and extravagant lifestyle. At a party, Nick found out that Gatsby likes Daisy - Nick’s cousin. Then Nick tried to help Gatsby and set up a meeting between them. Unfortunately, Daisy accidently hits man and kill him, but Gatsby takes all the responsibilities. At the end , the man’s wife found out that is Gatsby’s car and killed him at his house. .The themes of the story is love, wealthy, society and class. And the themes give us the definitions of America and American. The next story is Winter

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