Similarities Between Aztec And Inca Empires Essay

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Similarities and Differences of Two Empires

The Aztec and Inca empires were detached and separate civilizations. They shared some likenesses, but substantial dissimilarities were present between the two empires. These differences can be seen when viewing the political systems used, the approaches of ruling and socialization, religion, and notions of culture each empire displayed. The Aztec and Inca empires did share some mutual features. Both of the empires displayed an agricultural based economy controlled by the governing elite. Social structure in each empire consisted of a small governing elite and a large population of masses. Strong social units existed based on kinship which was called calpulli in the Aztec empire and ayllu in the Incan. The Incas claimed to be “children of the sun” and the direct descendants of the gods. The Aztecs claimed to be the “people of the sun.” In both cases a single tribe among many developed to rule the empire.

Distinct patterns emerge when viewing each civilization. Politically the Incan empire was highly centralized with all judgments coming from the king. The succession of the throne was passed to the eldest son. The foremost focus of the empire was the subjugation and regulation of the population from the labor they executed to the clothing allowed they were allowed to wear. The Incas, composed the whole of the governing elite firmly thought that they had the right to rule given that they were the original children of…

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