The Three Major Civilizations Of The Aztecs

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The three major civilizations of the American continents were the Mayans, The Aztecs, and the Incas. They all originated in Mesoamerica, an area including Mexico, Central America, and northern South America, although the Incan Empire spanned to the south end of Chile. The different civilizations shared many characteristics due to their intercultural exchange and proximity to each other. This paper will compare and contrast the religion, government, economy and trades systems, architecture, and warfare of each of the civilizations.
Religion in the Mesoamerican societies were strikingly similar, all sharing traits of the first primitive religion of fire, earth, water, and astral gods. In each of their religions there are layers
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They built their walls to angle in and make a trapezoid shape and rounded corners which gave their buildings strong resistance to earthquakes. They would build standard houses with plain stone and mortar, but on temples they would use pillow faced architecture. This method was done by sanding large stones into puzzle piece shapes and fitting them together. The Incas also built terraces for crops down the sides of mountains. These allowed for more farm ground and prevented erosion and landslides at their mountain cities. The Incas road system is one of their most impressive feats. With it you could travel anywhere in their empire. Along the way there were rest stops for travelers to eat and sleep at. The road was kept swept clean of rubble, and at every ravine or river there was a rope suspension bridge. They had two highways spanning the length of their empire with crossroads connecting them. Using these they could send messages from one end to another in less than a week. The Incas roads were a vital part to them flourishing as a civilization.
The Mayans architect built more intricate structures than the Incas or the Aztecs. They built huge step pyramids dedicated to the gods and there were enormous palaces constructed in city centers for the nobles. Mayans also built observatories with doors and windows that aligned with celestial events. They erected pyramids for burials and for worship and even built huge ball courts for their
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So much that if you were a full time soldier your family would get welfare to make up for the lack of a worker. After successful conquests soldiers would come back heroes. The army was composed of permanent members like officers and generals, and temporary members that were men from the mandatory draft. While on the march they would bring may woman to do cooking, repairing equipment, helping the wounded, and burying the dead. Priests would come with to pray, make sacrifices, and cast spells. Extra equipment and weapons were transported by war-llamas. At the end of a battle the Incans would make the enemy swear fealty, and if they didn’t they executed the leader. After that, or if they said yes, they are forcefully integrated into Incan

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