Similarities Between Antigone And Fahrenheit 451

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It takes a lot of confidence to be a pioneer and push the limits. Sometimes, the outcome is poor. Although, sometimes the outcome is great and makes the struggle worth it. The novel “Antigone” by Sophocles features a character, Antigone herself, who is bold and will do whatever it takes to get justice. Similar to this, “Fahrenheit 451” presents a character who is also willing to make sacrifices to get justice, not just for one person but for a whole society. In the novels “Antigone” and “Fahrenheit 451” there are people who push the boundaries and can be seen as pioneers of their time.

First of all, Antigone’s goal is to get justice for her brother and be able to bury and mourn his death. Antigone’s brothers killed each other in battle.
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Both of them are willing to push the limits in order to get what they need- justice. Ismene and Guy Montag are similar in that they represent standard people who go along with what they have been told and raised to be. When Ismene is asked for help, she is surprised and says “What, bury him despite the interdict?”(Sophocles 43). Guy Montag has a similar reaction when Clarisse questions him, he even goes as far as to laugh the question off and dismiss it with “That’s against the law!”(Bradbury 22). In both cases, they are surprised at even the thought of going against the status quo. This is what makes Clarisse and Antigone pioneers of their time. Their actions could potentially inspire the people around them. Clarisse points out Montag’s madness when she calls him out and says “You laugh when I haven’t been funny and you answer right off”(Bradbury 31). She is pointing out how he would not even think about disobeying their leader and their laws. He is dismissive of her questions because he simply finds them so absurd. Similarly, Ismene responds to Antigone’s inquiry with fear. Ismene tells Antigone, “My poor, fond sister, how I fear for thee!”(Sophocles 80). She knows that what Antigone is doing is risky, yet she isn’t willing to help Antigone. Both of these reactions are a result of conditioned thinking. When people are questioned about things that they had never questioned before, the reactions can be shock and fear. It …show more content…
The characters featured in each novel have several comparable features and characteristics. Clarisse and Antigone are at the core of their societies, because they represent change and growth. In each of their situations, they were willing to push the boundaries when no one else was. This is something that is extremely crucial in any given society. Otherwise, how could a society possibly evolve and

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