Similarities Between Nora And Janie

Are Nora and Janie similar By Janie’s husband Tea Cake, died from rabies and was shot by Janie. Nora left her husband after he married her for her looks. Nora and Janie were treated badly in their marriages and both were trophy wives at one point in their stories, but there are differences between them. Nora is from the book A Doll’s House and Janie is from Their Eyes Were Watching God. Janie and Nora were very similar except for their realizations. They were both raised with more privilege than their neighbors, they both had bad marriages, and they both had epiphanies. Their epiphanies and decisions after the epiphanie are very different. Janie realized that Tea Cake would always be with her as long as she remembered him. Nora realized about …show more content…
Very like your father. You always find some new ways of weedling money out of me…(14)
Ibsen proves how Nora gets what she wants because she asks for it. This makes Nora a spoiled spendthrift. Nora and Janie have been raised differently, but their roles as wives are similar. Janie was married to three people, Logan Killicks, Joe Starks, and Tea Cake. Her marriage to Joe Starks was one when she was a trophy wife. She always was quiet because if she had a different opinion from Joe he would hit her. Hurston writes, “She wasn’t petal-open anymore with him… She found that out one day when he slapped her face in the kitchen”(71). Joe is abusive and forces Janie to be quiet. Unlike Joe Mr.Helmer isn’t abusive but treats Nora like she should always agree with him Nora was married to Mr.Helmer who treated her as a doll and a trophy: Nora:[shaking her head]. You have never loved me. You have only thought it pleasant to be in love with me…(76)
Like Janie Nora also finds out that her husband does not love her anymore or even ever having loved her. Janie and Nora are similar in that they both were treated like trophies and that their husbands did not love them. Janie and Nora are similar in many ways, but one difference between them is their epiphanies they discover at the
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Janie discovers that Tea Cake will never leave her as long as she remembers him;”Of course he wasn’t dead. He could never be dead until she herself had finished feeling and thinking”(Hurston 193). Until she dies Tea Cake could live on through her memory of him. Nora’s epiphanie was very different. After discovering how Mr.Helmer only married her for a trophy she decided that she could not love him anymore: Helmer: You do not love me anymore
Nora: No, that is just it
Helmer: Nora!--and you can say that?
Nora: It gives me great pain, Torvald, for you have always been so kind to me, but I cannot bear to help it. I do not love you any more…(79)
Ibsen wrote about admittedly told Torvald of how she did not love him, she may of loved him before but she does not any longer. So while Janie will hold onto Tea Cake as long as she lives, Nora will run away from her husband. Janie and Nora are similar in that they were raised, both better than other people of their time. But they are different in their final realizations Janie discovering how she will love tea Cake forever and Nora running away from her home leaving her husband and children. They both needed to leave their husbands to find their self-fulfillment and independence. Janie and Nora are very similar except in their

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