Similarities And Differences Between French And Britain

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a) Outline the similarities and differences between French and British in North America
Europeans discover Americas by accident that they were meant to find a convenient and fast way to Asia, once they find there are new raw resources that they can take it for free, few empires such as France and Britain take actions to occupy the land and introduce a variety of changes and rules to the natives. First of all, french people flags the land in Newfoundland which locates in Canada; others followed in wake of exploration of the St. Lawrence valley, parts of Canada, and the Mississippi River. Therefore, french people mainly focus on Canada owing to they are looking for furs merchants, furs are more valuable than gold due to the weather in Europe
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After Christopher Columbus discovered America in 1492, plenties of Europeans rushed to there and forcibly took the raw resources as John Darwin states out (2008). Basically, the British moved rum, molasses and sugar from Caribbean to England, Franklin W. Knight (1997,P.333)illustrates especially sugar that took a massive ratio of the total imports of Britain and became the most valuable British import, even rank passed raw cotton in c.1825(Marshall,2002,P.81). From the year of 1700 to 1773, the import of sugar was ranked the first which up to 2,362 thousands pounds sterling(Marshall,2002,P.100). Meanwhile, England imported tons and tons of tobacco from America during 1699-1754 which increased to 560 thousands pounds sterling from 249. However, tea became the second important import from 1772 , the total amount was up to 848(Marshall,2002,P.100). Owing to the abundant raw sources in North America such as wood, food and whale oil, these were much more valuable and desirable in Europe due to they nearly ran out these sources of Europe and the population was remained in the same level, anyway, it helped and grew the population in Europe,especially the maize, this plant originally came from Mexico. Moreover, the wood did help the empires in …show more content…
Price stated out that the British Chesapeake colonies became the most important suppliers of tobacco to Europe(2002,P.84). Slavery was practiced throughout the American colonies in the 17th and 18th centuries, and African-American slaves helped build the economic foundations of the new nation and provide a tough foundation for the independent of America which Jacob M. Price argued about ( 2002, P.79). Talking about the strong foundation that the slaves provided with, the economy base could not be neglected which support the British colonials to started a war with the British government in London. As mentioned before, tons and tons sugar cane, tobacco and raw cotton were sent to Europe, for return, the people in Americas got manufacture goods and cash( Sheridan, 1623-1755,P.489). The arrival of Europeans in the Americas had brought diseases that decreased local populations, few Europeans came to the Americas to meet the demand for labour. This was true in Brazil and the Caribbean, where people of African origin became by far the largest section of the population. Black slaves were especially significant as a labour supply for the agriculture that developed in the New World, first in Brazil, and later in the Caribbean and the southern parts of North America. However, from its beginning , it used

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