Similarities And Differences Between Developing And Developing Countries

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The countries of the world are built up of either developed or developing urban populations. If they are developed, then they are technologically advanced. They will have a well developed infrastructure; they can build new buildings and or renovate older roads, buildings, community centres, etc... This is because they have a strong tax base. However, developing countries; are still in the earlier stages of economic development, and they lack modern infrastructures due to their low tax base. Both developing and developed countries experience similarities and differences in their economy, society and environment.
Both developed and developing countries experience similarities and in their economy. Developed and developing countries go through
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However, in the suburbs, they can have their factories spread out, with only one story. As these manufacturing industries move away from inner cities to the suburbs, they take with them the people, this result in a decreasing tax base. Similarly, in developing countries, their financial squeeze is similar yet different, due to the fact that they don’t even have a strong tax base to start off with, so most of their population lives off an informal society. An informal society is when there aren’t enough legit jobs for everyone, so people have to rely on jobs such as begging, shoe shining, etc... for a living. Both developed and developing countries experience …show more content…
Developed and developing countries both experience air pollution problems. Most of the air pollution we cause results from the burning of fossil fuel such as coal, oil, natural gas, and gasoline to produce electricity and power our vehicles. Due to the air pollutants, these countries are effected by something called “heat island effect.” The heat island effect is when temperatures rises and humidity falls as the air rises and carries pollutants upward resulting in smog above the city. Smog is fog mixed with air and pollutants. Ozone is a pollutant that can cause health problems, it is usually found in smog. Because of the effects of ozone on our lungs, smog exposure may lead to several different types of health problems: coughing and throat and chest irritations: high levels of ozone can irritate your respiratory system. Both developed and developing countries both experience differences in their settlements. Developing countries population growth grows faster and bigger than the economy, so there isn’t enough jobs for everyone. This causes people to live in squatter settlements. Squatter settlements are like slumps. Squatter settlements are any collection of buildings where people have no legal rights to the land built upon. The people are living there illegally and do not own any of the land. They provide housing for many of the worlds poorest people, and often basic

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