Chinese Education Vs American Education Essay

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Like all countries, China and America have similarities and differences in culture and both have positives and negatives. A part of the culture in China that is quite intriguing is the education system and how it works. The Chinese are far superior in academics, compared to American students, but in America, students have a much greater chance of having social lives compared to Chinese students. What exactly does make Chinese education different from American education? The differences between China’s educational system and America’s educational system are the academic styles and how the styles work, how clubs and after school activities are organized, what the schools are preparing the students for in life, and the teachers.
When it comes to China and America’s attitudes toward academics, the two countries differ greatly. In China, teachers believe all students are capable of succeeding, no matter what background the student may come from, the teachers expect a lot more from the students (Schaack). In America, the general attitude towards the academics is not as strong as the Chinese attitude. In America, academic are seen as something mandatory, however many American’s think academics are not the most important thing
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Perhaps if America thought about borrowing a few of the Chinese ideas on focusing on the academics a lot more, combining the two would solve a lot of our educational problems of low grades. For China, from personal experiences in China a lot of the people have a hard time operating on their own and figuring out how to solve issues in their own way instead of depending on somebody else. If China were to adopt some of the American ideals of social-development, then perhaps they too can solve the few issues that the society has as

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