Sigmund Freud's Play Therapy

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Play therapy is a type of technique that generally aimed at children to assist them to cope with emotional stress. This type of method allows children to open up more versus other therapy types. Play therapy is mostly used for children having depression from family issues. Play therapy is typically for children because children like to play with toys. This helps the play therapist with a chance to get the child to talk out their hidden emotions.
The purpose of play therapy is to decrease the child’s behavioral and emotional difficulties that prevent them from releasing their full potential. With this type of therapy it should improve impulse decision, other ways to cope with anxiety and frustration, to trust, and verbal expression. In this type of treatment, the play therapist uses an understanding of cognitive development. Cognitive development is the building of thought processes, including remembering, problem solving, and decision-making, from childhood through adolescence to adulthood. Play therapy is used to treat problems that
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Freud’s prescription was for the boy’s father and allows him to “play.” His daughter, Anna Freud used play therapy to replace talk therapy around 1928. She was also the first to make to spot that children need a different type of therapy (play therapy) than the adult’s therapy. She saw that play therapy can get into a child’s inner world while playing. Margaret Lowenfeld, who was the first person to use the Sand Tray Therapy and called it “World Play”, was a psychiatrist who worked with children. She would use pieces from the Orson Wells’ board game to allow children to play during her play therapy sessions. (Creative Counseling

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