Siddhartha Gautama Movie Analysis

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1) After watching the movie on our blackboard, it depicted that the approximate year of the Buddhas birth was sometime between the 6th and 5th century B.C. He was born in what is now called southern Nepal. Though this information about the Buddha is based on oral accounts that were written down a few centuries after his death. This means that it might not be fully accurate.
Prior to adulthood, one key formative experiences of his life was being born as a prince named Siddhartha Gautama, who was prophesied to do great things. He was said to either become a great conquer king (conventual emperor) or a great spiritual leader. Since his father was the king, he tried to have his son follow the prophecy of becoming a great conquer king. He did this by surrounding him with luxuries and clearing the streets of unpleasant sights to shield him from suffering. Although, this plan his father set for his son backfired. This happened when he Gautama saw an old man, sick man, dead man, and an enlightened man. These sights shook him to the core because he saw the pain of human existence. The enlightened or holy man inspired him to see a way to get away from this pain of human existence. Thus, allowing the Gautama to see our life is permeated with suffering and began his journey to follow the prophecy of becoming a spiritual leader.
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His first notable failure in life was not being content with his life as a prince who had great luxuries. This lifestyle did not let him be happy because he saw that suffering was still prevalent even with luxuries that only distracted him from suffering. The next failure was when he experienced the Brahmin who practiced the religion of the Veda. This was a failure because it was based on blind faith. The Buddha wanted a more credible way to explain our place in the

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