Essay on Sick Around The World : Health Care Systems

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Sick Around the World
Health care is an important issue for every human being. Surprisingly the United States is the wealthiest country in the world but is rated 37th in reference to health care, according to the video “Sick around the World”. “Sick around the World” analyzes the health care systems of Great Britain, Tokyo, Germany, Switzerland, and Taiwan and compares them to the health care system in the United States. The two health care systems I favored most were the systems in Japan and Taiwan which operate under a universal system of care. The text defines universal health care also known as single payer health care as a system of care in which everyone is guaranteed health care coverage usually funded by the government (Ritter, 2013, p102).
Initially, I favored Japan’s system of care most which covers all 130 million in the population. I found it perplexing that Japan only spends half as much as the United States on its health care system and covers everyone. The citizens of Japan also have the largest healthy life expectancy in the world. Participants sign up for insurance through work or through community based organizations. Hospital stays range from $10 per night for a shared room with 4 and approximately $90 for a private room. Unemployed participants are covered by the government. There is an official price book which dictates the prices of procedures, doctors, visits, and medication. The prices are negotiated annually and prices must be…

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