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Reading 1.3 Jackall, R. (1988), Chapter 4, “Looking up and looking around”, in Moral Mazes, Oxford University Press, NY

Abstract The heart of managerial system is the skills in making decision. The routine decisions are the main areas of managerial decision making. In bureaucratic setting, which is functional rationality, the managers are expected to follow the policy rather than create a new way of solving problem. Many managerial decisions usually base on procedure; however, if unusual problem occurs, the managers are expected to find the solution that satisfies their bosses. Managers have to face “gut decisions” when those decisions involve big influences to organizations and looking up and looking around are necessary in these
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Example Last year, my friends and I were assigned to the project to prototype biodiesel producing machine. Our work is to find the best suitable technology for producing biodiesel. After seeking for a long time, my team found that in separation phase to make biodiesel more purified we have to use cyclone. We really needed that equipment in our laboratory. The problem was the cost of cyclone was very expensive so we cannot decide by ourselves whether we can buy it or not. We told project manager about that but he also cannot make decision because it involved a large amount of money. Therefore, he went to the top management and asked him about that. Our team wasted a lot of time in waiting for the answer because the task was transferred step by step up to the top management who responsible for decision making which have a big influence on the company.

Reading 5.2 Hogarth, R.M. (1981) “Beyond discrete biases: functional and dysfunctional aspects of judgemental heuristics”, Psychological Bulletin, 90(2)

Abstract Judgement and decision making usually lead to actions or responses. In continuous process, feedback plays a significant role in achievement because responses increase the number of cues and the rate of accuracy in choosing a choice, reduce the commitment implied by choice and

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