Shunga Love Sex And Money Analysis

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SHUGA; Love, Sex, and Money “THE TALK”
Pick out a SINGLE IMAGE / MOMENT of sexuality or violence from film or TV that had a memorable impact on you before the age of 12. In your essay, discuss that image and the effect it had on you at the time and continues to have on you today.
At the beginning of 2009 a Kenyan production series “Shuga” was gaining quite a peculiar popularity among the teenagers and youths in Nairobi city. Parents were also on the forefront arguing that the series was too explicit for their teenagers and the even so-called young adults it was initially meant for. Around this time I had just turned 14 years and the desire to watch this film was burning in me like hot pepper soup. Off course all the girls in my class had watched
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These were stories where a prince would “fall in love” with a young beautiful maiden or a princess and they would get married. As these stories are mostly considered censored and meant for children there is a mind conditioning that occurs out of reading this stories, which made me want to read more and more of as they created a fantasy world on love and the society. Onto the part of sex, it was being talked about in class however, whenever the topic came up when am around my parents, the end quote would be girls do not engage in sex you will get pregnant and if you escape pregnancy you will catch Sexually Transmitted Diseases. Many parents choose to avoid discussions about sexuality and romance with their children, so their exposure first comes from media outlets and the children have to decipher the information for themselves (Tonn …show more content…
The conversation beforehand had some weight of terms that I could not make sense of. What the couple discussed actually was more of a shock to me than a surprise. As an adolescent viewer, I did not understand how this entertainment program in this particular scene was educating me regarding sex, safe sex and relationships. I was majorly prepared for extreme obscene images which actually were not there particularly for this one image and those that existed were minimal. However, “The Talk” was extreme sexual a thing that I later came to realize the other actors had been having with their supposed male or female partners. As much as I was able to understand the moment and the images in front of me, it was difficult and confusing to me to make sense of “The Talk”. According to a recent publication of the analysis of the film by Ann Miller, Shuga had 8.2 times the amount of sexual talk as found in a previous analysis of U.S. entertainment programming. This type of static warrant a hypothesis that Ann miller discusses in her article that is research is needed to determine how these factors may interact to influence adolescent viewers of entertainment education

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