Should You Quit Smoking? Essay

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I analyzed the idea that if you are a woman who smokes, the number one thing that you can do to prevent wrinkles is stop smoking. For example, This ad shows a picture of a woman. Who on one half of her face looks young and beautiful. And on the other half, cigarette in her mouth, she has wrinkles and lines everywhere, and deep bags under her eyes. One thing that I noticed after looking closely was all her nails are long and healthy looking, but the nail on top of the cigarette looks yellow. However, this ad is a better way to make women quit smoking because its showing them what each and every cigarette is doing to the one thing that, they can never replace which is their skin.
This effectiveness advertisement has three main factors. Which are relevant, include a call to action, and uses the audience’s language. Give customers a reason to click the ad right now. Offer a specific call to action, such as encouraging customers who are trying to quit. To get them the opportunity to stop by putting on the advertisement a catching phrase “for free help in quitting tobacco”. For example, most people are going to call the number because it’s a free opportunity.The advertisement mostly focuses on age group and gender of the typical audience, and then uses that insight to write the ads. It also uses words and a writing tone that is likely to attract the audience’s attention.
The advertisement suggests that people who smoke should stop smoking because it affect your overall health…

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