Should You Get Up? Essay examples

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should get up. Why aren’t you getting up? Get up, go in that house and talk to him. Talk to the man that basically raised you. Talk to the man that believed in you. For the final time, I lift myself up from the ground to where I’m on my knees. I look straight ahead, right at the door. It still looks the same, everything does. I begin to wish he’d just come out of the house, and see me. Stand up. “I can’t. I can’t walk into that house after all these years. He probably thinks I said to hell with him.” I speak to myself. The street is surprisingly empty, most likely because it’s still early. What would I even say to him? “Hey Cedric, after three years I finally decided to stop being an asshole and visit you”. No, that wouldn’t cut it.

“Kai!” I hear get yelled, and my head shoots to my left. “Kai, what the hell happened?” Jess questions. “Are you okay? Here I’ll help you stand up.” She adds, before helping me to my feet. She doesn’t realize whose house we’re in front of.

“I’m fine Jess. Please go back to Dre’s house.” I reply, as that strange feeling comes back.

“Are you an idiot? You think I’m going to leave you here when clearly something is wrong with you?” Jess questions, while gently grabbing the lower part of my arm.

“Jess just leave me alone. I don’t wanna talk about it.” I reply, snatching my right arm from her hold.

“I don’t care what you wanna do. You’re just gonna continue feeling however you’re feeling if you don’t talk about it.” Jess argues, while…

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