Should Women Start School Around The Age Of Three Essay

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Typically children start school around the age of three, though now they offer programs for two year olds, and there is an overwhelming trend in regards to who is providing the education. Women in the education profession are mostly found in the lower grades, pre-K through fourth or fifth grade. As a society we have decided that the lower grades are where women are best suited as they are supposedly more motherly and caring while men are more likely to be found in grades where hand-holding is not as necessary.
From as far back as I can remember I had female teachers up until fifth grade and even then we switched for one class period so I still had a female teacher every day for history class. Looking back at other peoples’ education they too were primarily exposed to female teachers until they had completed their primary education. While women were not always found in the education workforce they “began in the mid-nineteenth century through the Civil War period,” as the men were off fighting (de Marris, LeCompte 156). With less men around to educate the children women were left with the responsibilities of both taking care of the family and teaching. Even though there are many men still away at war, many of them are home however they are filling different positions in the education system. Men are more commonly found in secondary education or administration positions in primary schools, middle schools, high schools or in the SAU (school administrative unit). Not only do…

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