Essay on Should We Use Marijuana Safer?

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Culture comes in many different forms, from many different kinds of people. In this discussion paper we will be going over what exactly culture is, defining my culture, as well as evaluating two other cultures that are not my own and last I will be answering the discussion question #3 on page 25 of our textbook. In the dictionary it says culture is the behaviors, beliefs and characteristic of a particular social, ethnic, or age group.
When it comes to me and my life, I am of Hispanic decent and have a very strong cultural background with many social rules, expectations and not to mention the male dominated hierarchy within my family. But if I’m going to be honest for the last five years I have embraced and considered myself to be a part of the marijuana community and culture. The right to use marijuana recreationally is up for a vote in the upcoming 2016 ballet, but is already looked upon in my family as acceptable. I’ve grown it, made stronger connections with certain family members through it, and have learned of a whole new network of successful individuals, who I can now call upon for certain advice in life. I believe that within this next year it will become as socially acceptable as alcohol, now this is keeping in mind the modern day, ever changing and expanding culture of America. America; where nothing is certain and anything is possible, I’m almost positive that a lucrative career can and will be made in the marijuana industry.
However I just recently reconnected…

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