Should We Live Long Healthy Lives? Essays

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There are at least 100,000 patients waiting each year for a kidney, (Giron, 2013). According to Jahromi, that is just a kidney, not including the heart, lungs, liver and many other organs needed (Jahromi, 2015). The waiting list increases every year, causing a dramatic shortage of organs. With Jahromi intention, he states that it leads to an increase in the black market organs, (Jahromi, 2015). Imagine having to wait for the rest of one’s life relying on another person to save another life. It is not fair for those who life turn out to be that way. Now those patients have to spend the rest of their lives waiting for their death if someone does not donate a vital organ for them. People state that that is the way it is but it really is not because everyone can be involved and put a halt to this problem. From this not enough organs are being donated for the people on the waiting list. People were meant to live long healthy lives and in order to solve this problem, people must help each other and save lives.
For this reason Jahromi states, in the United States, the number of patients on the waiting list in the year 2013 had risen to over 95,000, while the number of patient deaths was over 6,300. This organ shortage crisis has deprived thousands of patients, (Jahromi, 2015). Patients need these vital organs to survive and this leads to many others reasons why people are scared to go through this procedure. People are easily scared of what effects that can happen to them when…

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