Essay on Should We Be Gay?

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There is a world full of gay people and everyone reacts to it but not as much. But what if it was a N.B.A player? What will the world do? What will anyone think about it? Being gay in N.B.A isn 't a big deal. Never judge a book by its cover that’s what everyone says, he could be the best shooting guard in the league and being gay isn 't going to throw off his game. It shouldn’t matter to anyone he 's normal just like us.

Jason Collins is one of the first N.B.A players to come out as a homosexual. It took him some time because he felt like he was going to be judge about it, but no one was bothered on the team. "Collins is just your normal, everyday NBA journeyman, except he is gay, and it seems that one point is no longer a major deal to a league filled with players who are more focused on winning than their teammates’ not personal lives." (Keh,para #7) No one should be bother if a basketball player in the league is gay, you can’t do anything about it to make him change his mind. You can 't change anyone or anything it 's their life not yours, if he 's your favorite player and you hear he 's gay you shouldn’t stop liking him. If you was in that position how you would feel if people turned their back on you because you’re gay?

“It’s obviously discussed privately because the problem is, Dan, unless somebody tells you they’re gay, you can’t say anything about them being gay,” Barkley said. “Until somebody has the courage, and I think it takes great courage to come out, it’s…

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