Should We Be Against Experimenting On Animals For Our Own Benefits?

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Morgan Jones
Professor Penn
Composition 1
8 November 2015
Animal Testing
Americans should be against experimenting on animals for our own benefits. Every animal has a story, according to The Humane Society of the United States, a pet dog was taken out of its backyard and sold to a research laboratory in Minnesota. Do you have a dog? Just think, that could have been your beloved animal. Almost every year 100 million animals suffer from cruel drug, chemical, food, and cosmetics testing. Some people think that the animal testing laboratories only use rats and mice to conduct these experiments. That is not the case. Dogs, cats, rabbits, primates, rat and mice are all used for these testing’s. Laboratories across the country keep these animal locked up in cages waiting in fear for the next experiment to be conducted on them. According to the PETA website, the stress and sterility causes some animals to develop neurotic behaviors such as biting their own skin, pulling out their own hair, spinning in circles, and rocking back and forth. These animals will shake and cower in fear every time someone walks past their cage. After living their lives in such pain and terror almost all of them will be killed. Just to test household cleaners and cosmetics hundreds of thousands of animals are blinded, poisoned and killed every single year. Did you know that dogs are force-fed pesticides and rabbits have corroding chemicals rubbed into their eyes and skin? I am against animal testing for…

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