Should Tuition Inflation Be The Central Cause? Essay

734 Words Dec 1st, 2015 3 Pages
Introduction From the politician to the student, everyone agrees that education is key in creating upward mobility, but the community colleges in California are turning out to ineffective in serving the students that need them the most. There is a huge conflict on what type of changes need to be implemented to reform the community colleges, but as with most debates and no central consensus, nothing is being done about the community colleges in California. Burecracy from the central governing body to all the way at the administration of each community colleges seem to stagnate the changes required for improving community colleges. The central issue seems to be between creating massive changes, but no one can agree on which to focus on. Should tuition inflation be the central cause? Or emphasis on transfer rates? Or assisting specific demographics? These arguments and a few times ballots are brought up in the California Senate, only to be faced by objection to what the central issue is. The answer might lie in starting outside of the legislation system to objectively show actually change occurring with small, but necessary step to assist community college students. The one thing congressmen and senators forget is the actually effective on these students lives. In the debate and objections, the challenges faced by community colleges students is forgotten. This problem is by no means just in the state of California, but the California community college system is the…

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