Should Tobacco Advertising Be Banned? Essay

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Companies are trying to succeed as much as possible in order to continue to grow and change. However, from their start, they must grapple with ethical issues when it comes to the audience they seek, the safety of their employees, customers and the environment, distribution of profits and costs, and many other issues (Carpenter, et al., 2009). The government is often asked to interfere with these business decisions when a vocal group disagrees with it; the government has had to ban sweatshops, set a minimum wage, enforce Environmental Protection Act regulations, etc. In India, the government was asked to step in to ban tobacco advertising, a situation that can be used to examine the difficulty of sorting out ethical issues for governments and companies.
In India, there was a push to ban tobacco companies from advertising or sponsoring events. This was driven by a desire to prevent youth and others from taking up smoking by limiting their exposure to tobacco product advertising and through an anti-smoking program (“Ban on Tobacco Ads,” 2001). Another argument in favor of the ban was that tobacco is one of the deadliest products out there, and it leads to a high number of deaths (“Ban on Tobacco Ads,” 2001). Many felt the government “was responsible for the welfare of its citizens,” and that the ban was a step towards protecting the health of the Indian people (“Ban on Tobacco Ads,” 2001).
However, this brought up the issue of whether this was ethical or “babysitting” of the…

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