Essay about Should The Drug Be Legalized?

1867 Words Mar 16th, 2016 8 Pages
In discussions of using steroids in sports and is it cheating or not, one controversial issue has been that it is in fact cheating. On one hand, most people argue to believe that it is cheating only because, not everyone in the certain sport wants to take it. On the other hand, some believe that people who want to take it should take it and no one should tell them other wise. The side affects to the drug are on their hands. Others even maintain a steady mindset that the drug is in fact cheating, and will not change their minds about it. That is why the drug has not been legalized in sports, I think differently on that matter. My own view is that these stadiums would not be still running if the people did not attend these games. So I think it would make the game better for more fans, if everyone was on steroids to make the games amazingly entertaining to watch. Josh Hodnik; a writer for the VPX live powerfully website claims that, “Steroids are cheating because it gives an unfair advantage to the players that are taking the drug, to the players who are not” (Hodnik). I disagree with this statement because, you cannot control someones life and what they want tot do with their life is there problem. Like I said recently in this paragraph, let the people who want to take steroids deal with the side affects of the drug, it is not your problem. You cannot control someones life, they must make the right decision and to take their own health into consideration when deciding to do…

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