Should The Driving Be Allowed? Essay

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People drive to work every weekend. Being able to drive saves everyone time. Driving is a privilege that citizens of the United States can do. Driving is something that many people take advantage of. Being able to drive makes getting to a place a lot faster and easier than walking or even riding a bike. Because driving is a privilege, individuals can lose their privilege of driving. However, elderly people should not be excluded from having a driver’s license because of their age if they pass the written test, driving test, and eye exam set by the state of Iowa. Elderly people need to get to appointments and other places too. Therefore, age should not factor in being able to have a driver’s license.
Should elderly people be able to drive? This is a big debate that seems like it never gets answered. For those ages 65 to 74, motor vehicle injuries are the leading cause of injury-related deaths. Motor vehicle injuries might be the leading cause of injury-related deaths. However, it does not state that those accidents or injuries are the elderly driver’s fault. The elderly driver could have been hit and killed, but that does not mean they should get their licenses taken away. It was not their fault they got hit. Accidents happen frequently. Anyone that gets in a vehicle can get in an accident. Elderly drivers do get in accidents, but so do young drivers. Elderly drivers are typically more dangerous for themselves and their passengers than anyone else. That is because elderly…

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