Essay on Should The Cost Of College Tuition Be Lowered?

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Should the cost of college tuition be lowered? Many students would answer this question with a definite “yes”, arguing that education needs to be affordable. Now that society is making college education the new element for most jobs, many people now have to gain a higher education degree for the job they prefer. “In the past couple decades; a college education has been promoted as a necessity for success in life.” (At Issue: College Education). It’s holding society to a higher standard, but also causing students the burden of loan debt. Education should be affordable, but not a burden to students who want to obtain a higher education degree. President Obama recently stated in his last State of the Union speech, “we have to make college affordable for every American. No hard working student should have to be stuck in the red.” In the view of the public eye, college education needs to become affordable to students because college debt is becoming a burden to students. First of all, President Obama made it clear in his last State of the Union speech that he wants to make college more affordable for students. From the start of his Presidency, he wanted to control the cost of college. President Obama had stated in his first State of the Union speech in 2012 that the states need to do their part by making higher education a priority in the budgets and colleges have to work on keeping costs down. Most importantly his administration has accomplished the Healthcare and Education…

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