Informative Essay On Technology In Schools

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This paper is to inform readers if technology should play an important role in schools or if schools should not rely on technology as much as they do right now. This article will have examples of positive technology uses and concerning technology usage. Louise Lankau (2015), a school librarian, suggests that schools libraries have enough desktop computers to serve two different classes in the library at a time. Ackerman, Chung, and Chih-Yuan Sun (2014) suggest that if higher education uses course management systems (CMSs) students will be able to focus on benefits that can help pay for teaching and learning.

One of the biggest questions that both teachers and parents question about the education program is whether or not technology should be a major role in teaching. As a child who grew up a few years before technology became a big controversy, my school would learn to write in cursive rather than teach students how to type on a key board effectively. Do not get me wrong, my school has a class that I would go to once a week and would teach us how to type, but back them, typing was put on the back burner, and learning cursive was more of a priority.
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By allowing to have technology in individual classrooms, teachers and school districts are having to block more and more websites that may cause issues such as inappropriate sites or hacking. Ackerman, et al. (2014) states that mobile learning can be used in place of desk top computer and laptops. Some schools are now renting out computers or tablets to kids instead of renting out text books. Teachers are using online text books for efficiency and to save money. By using tablets, teachers are able to engage students to play learning games in hopes to have active

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