Essay on Should Tax Junk Food?

1223 Words Apr 8th, 2016 5 Pages
The obesity rate in America is increasing exorbitantly as the years pass; this is why we must put a luxury tax on junk foods and make healthier foods more affordable. If future generations cultivate bad eating habits from their parents because they have to buy unhealthy foods due to them being cheaper, it will eventually weaken and end the human race. To put it briefly, there are many unhealthy people with unhealthy eating habits. The reason being that junk food is more affordable whereas healthier foods are more expensive. We have to fight this; because junk food is unhealthy, it will promote healthier eating habits, and it will help secure a healthier future generation of humans. The first reason we should tax junk food in America is simple because it is unhealthy. Junk food doesn’t contain the nutrients your body needs to stay healthy, which can lead you to feel fatigued and lack the energy to do simple tasks throughout the day. Task as simple as going to the bathroom or walking up the stairs could be difficult. Also, the high levels of sugar in junk food like donuts, chips, candy and many more favorites of young children/teens/adults can affect your insulin. That is to say in turn, can affect your metabolism. These types of foods don’t provide proper amounts of proteins or good carbohydrates and will make your blood sugar rise/drop radically (Fast Food). These foods contain excessive amounts of fat, a lot of it which will eventually accumulate in your body causing…

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