Should Surrogate Motherhood Be Allowed? Essay

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I personally, believe that permitting surrogate motherhood for pay in today’s world should not be allowed. I understand that an individual would want to have their own child. I think if I were in this position I would defiantly consider it. I do, however, personally believe that paying someone to be a surrogate mother is not right. There are many children in the world currently living without parents. The money that goes towards paying someone could easily go towards adopting a child that is already on this earth. I feel that once you have reached this point, it is a sign that you need to contribute to the growing need of parents for orphans. Surrogate motherhood may benefit the individual because they will be able to have their own biological child. However, it will not be beneficial to society.

An individual who is looking towards paying a surrogate mother could easily benefit. They would have the peace with knowing that their child was their own DNA. It could also be a detrimental process. There are many things that could go wrong. If it did not work they could be hurt emotionally and financially. I am not saying that I think surrogate motherhood is wrong. I just do not feel it is right to pay somebody to carry your child. I think it is okay if you have a family member or friend willing to do it for free. When you pay a person to do this all it is doing is creating a job for somebody. Which seems good because we need more jobs in America. Unfortunately, there is a…

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