Should Genetically Altered Babies Be Allowed

Creating a child is a joy many people get to experience. This child is a mix between its parents. Now scientist have figure out a way to genetically alter a baby, to fit the parents wants. A genetically altered baby is something some people have only dreamed about, but now, has become a reality. Scientists have discovered a way to alter human genetic traits and produce the perfect offspring. Although it is still in the experimenting stage, it should be possible within the next few years. Creating genetically altered babies should be prohibited.
A genetically altered baby, is baby made exactly the way its parents want it to look. A genetically altered baby is made in a lab, at which the parent can pick its hair, eye colors, sex and height. Making the “perfect” child. This process may also be used, if both parents carry a recessive trait for an inheritable disease, and this process would eliminate that child getting that one recessive trait resulting in a disease. “The Oxford English Dictionary definition describes
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People fear that the government could create the perfect race with this advancements in science. In certain countries it has been a concern that the country would only have boys. Since selecting sex is one possibility, many people in different countries would choose a male over female. This is because the male is supposed to bring honor to the family, and pass down the family name. The concern is that government would have too much control. “Meanwhile Faranany noted that some of the worst abuses of government in recent government in recent history involved attempts to control reproduction” (Parry 3). This quote show that the government may abuse its powers concerning genetically altering baby. That the government has abused its powers with reproduction before and it could happen again. Government polices might have very strict rules, or requirements over genetically altering a

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