Genetically Altered Babies Essay

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Creating a child is a joy many people get to experience. This child is a mix between its parents. Now scientist have figure out a way to genetically alter a baby, to fit the parents wants. A genetically altered baby is something some people have only dreamed about, but now, has become a reality. Scientists have discovered a way to alter human genetic traits and produce the perfect offspring. Although it is still in the experimenting stage, it should be possible within the next few years. Creating genetically altered babies should be prohibited.
A genetically altered baby, is baby made exactly the way its parents want it to look. A genetically altered baby is made in a lab, at which the parent can pick its hair, eye colors, sex and height. Making the “perfect” child. This process may also be used, if both parents carry a recessive trait for an inheritable disease, and this process would eliminate that child getting that one recessive trait resulting in a disease. “The Oxford English Dictionary definition describes the way of making babies that at the same time it is the most conceptually straight forward and raises the biggest concern about safety”(Agar 1). This quotes helps shows a true straight
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Inheritable disease are passed down through generations because of error in genetic code, or two parents genes do not match up. Altering this genes, society has seen for a long time could cause major problem. Trying to fix this genes, could complicate and create whole new disease. “I think, in preventing one genetic disease you are likely to cause another genetic disease” (Parry 2). This quote helps show the problem with trying mess with inheritable disease. If a scientist finds and eliminates the mutation of cystic fibrosis, it may cause another mutation way worse to come exposed. Genetically altering genes could pose a greater threat. Disease may be eliminated but at what

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