Should Students Be Broken Into Two Actions Of Cognition Essay

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“Pay attention!” is snapped at the 8th grade boy in Montana, the young taekwondo student in Korea, the inattentive boyfriend in Brazil, the crime investigator in France. This phrase can be utilized and interpreted in a myriad of ways, so how can one know what is truly meant by the word attention? According to Jon Kabat-Zinn, attention can be broken into two actions of cognition – focusing and monitoring. The former targets the mind’s ability to focus on a single idea, emotion, or phenomenon while also blocking out diversions; this focusing attention is what is requested of children in classrooms who must focus on what their teacher is saying. Conversely, the latter type of attention is the process of monitoring thoughts, feelings, and sensations in the moment without being distracted by them and is commonly referred to as meta-awareness. This second aspect of attention is what taekwondo students must master in order to clear their minds and accurately carry out movements. (Jha, A. P., 29)
The concept of meta-awareness is related to metacognition, the “knowledge or awareness of one’s own cognitive processes and ability to monitor and control those processes” (242). Both meta-awareness and metacognition share the same prefix, meta-, which means applying the base word unto itself; in meta-awareness, a person is aware of being aware and in metacognition, a person is perceiving that he is perceiving the world. Through this word structure examination, one connection between…

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