Essay on Should Student Absenteeism Be Detrimental?

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Attendance, and the need to improve it, has become a pressing issue within the Point Pleasant Borough School District. When children are absent from school very often or for extended periods, they miss opportunities to enhance their education. In elementary school, when children are absent from school for extended periods, the fault lies not with the child, but with the parent. Children have a right to receive an education and when they are chronically absent from school that right is potentially being violated.
According to the New Jersey Department of Education (2010), “student absenteeism can lead to low academic achievement, school dropout, delinquency and gang involvement.” More importantly, a child’s education and socialization can be negatively affected or delayed by chronic absences. Attendance Works (2014), a California study, found that 17% of students who were excessively absent during kindergarten and first grade were not able to read at the appropriate level in third grade; comparably, 64% of students who were not excessively absent were able to read on grade level. Even though parents may read to their child in the home, being in a structured environment with their peers aids in the learning experience.
Although there is evidence to prove that excessive absence can affect areas of a child’s educational growth, there is currently no attendance incentive plan in the Point Pleasant Borough School District. Parents often need to be educated as to the…

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