Should Smoking Tobacco Be Banned? Essay

854 Words Feb 11th, 2016 4 Pages
Smoking tobacco has been around since 600-900 AD. Over the centuries smoking tobacco has become popular and has attracted people of all ages and backgrounds thanks to advertisements. Advertisements have ranged from showing how fun smoking can be to showing how deadly it is. The companies and organizations that launched the campaigns have utilized many different techniques to catch the reader’s eye. Whether it was to support or go against smoking, both types have shown to be successful at catching the attention of their audiences. The first ad being discussed is a vintage advertisement for Granger tobacco from 1932. Featured on the ad is a younger white girl around the age of four being held by her white cleanly shaven father. The father is smoking a pipe and blowing smoke rings that his daughter is playing with. The advertisement also has two sets of text. The larger set says “The only pipe smoker who does not like it.. is the one who never tried it!”. The smaller text talks about how cheap it is (equivalent to $1.62 today) and how it is in a sleek “handy pocket pouch” to keep the pipe tobacco. It is clear that this advertisement is playing off the idea of the American dream. The ad seems to be catering to the white male fathers of America. This was released during the Great Depression when cigarettes were at a high demand. The price is emphasized to be low to convince those who viewed the ad to purchase their product, even during the economic crisis. The colors from…

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