Should Smoking Be Banned Or Not? Essay

809 Words Jul 20th, 2016 4 Pages
Cigarettes Kill
Is smoking cigarettes really worth it? I mean come on, the only thing you are doing to yourself is killing yourself slowly. Smoking causes a lot of bad effects on humans. People all over the world have different views on whether smoking should be banned or not. Some people think “Well, it’s their body, they can do what they want to it!”, honestly, I totally and utterly disagree with that. I think that it should be banned because it doesn’t just affect them as an individual, but others as well.
Cigarette smoking poses a lot of danger to not just the smoker and their wallet but the individuals around them. According to National Health Council (2014, Why you should stop smoking section, para. 2), second­-hand smoking is just as harmful to non­smokers as it is to smokers who actually do the smoking. Second­hand smoking causes all sorts of cancer just like smoking a cigarette does. Do you really want to harm people like that? Your kids, or someone else 's kids will be inhaling all those terrifying chemicals into their body, which causes a lot of health problems. Nobody deserves to inhale something so toxic for them that they choose not to inhale purposely. You are a danger to everyone around you. Not to mention endangering yourself. Just let all of that information sink in for a few seconds. Just to open your eyes a little bit here is something for you. Cigarettes cost on average $5.51 per pack. If a smoker smokes one pack of cigarettes a day, then that’s $1,825…

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