Should Smoking Be Banned Persuasive Essay

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It’s 2015 and we all have heard the many harmful effects due to smoking. There are thousands! Some effects of smoking are lung and heart disease, pneumonia, and emphysema. According to there are several types of cancer you can get while smoking such as tongue, mouth, and throat cancer, bladder cancer, cancer of the pancreas, and cancer of the voice box. So why are these products still being sold? A cigarette can cause many problems for the smoker and the people around them, therefore cigarettes should be outlawed.
Teenagers are starting to smoke more too. Tobacco causes 45,000 teenage deaths each year. Since the amount of people dying due to smoking is high the Food and Drug Administration stopped making and selling flavored cigarettes
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It takes one tree to make 300 cigarettes. Cigarettes use about 4 miles of paper for rolling and packing. Smoke and cigarettes butts affect our environment the most resulting in land, air, and water pollution. 2.1 billion pounds of garbage each year is from cigarette filters. You can see cigarette butts everywhere such as the park, the beach, the sidewalk, the grass, or in ditches. Cigarettes not only harm us but they also harm animals. You wouldn’t want to lose a family member due to smoking. Even if your family member does not smoke they are still in risk if they are around a person who smokes. Second-hand smoke kills 8 adults a day from lung cancer and 35,000 deaths per year are from heart disease. According to the Society of Actuaries in 2006 second-hand smoke cost the United States about $10 billion dollars a year and $5 billion dollars in medical costs due to second-hand smoking. Smoking, to some people, is a relaxation method, and one that is deadly. If they have kids they are not only teaching them bad habits, but risking their health as well as their pets. Another side effect of smoking is rotten teeth and faster aging (more wrinkles).
Cigarettes should be outlawed because of all the deaths it causes and because it is destroying our environment. American Cancer Society officials said, “If what happened on your inside happened on your outside would you still

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