Essay about Should Sex Workers Be Legal?

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Furthermore, if the United States were to legalized prostitution, the government could make a fortune. According to the New York Times, brothels in Nevada pay no state taxes; they pay significant amounts of tax to the rural counties where they do business (Business Insider, 2013). By taxing prostitution the government can use the taxes for health care, schools, and other state services. Sex workers should pay regular taxes on the same basis as other independent contractors and employees, and then they could receive the same benefits as everyone else. The government approved of gambling, alcohol, tobacco, lap dancing, and pornography but not sex workers. This theory is a bit confusing, because alcohol and tobacco is bad for the human health but it is legal. For instance, I went to an AA meeting a few months ago for one of my classes and they had an open discussion on how self-esteem plays a role in an alcoholic life and how they can relate now. The person responsible for hosting the meeting was a recovering alcoholic as well. He mentioned that he has been sober for 8 years. He then went around the room, to get everyone’s view on the two topics. People started discussing their feelings and many explained how self-esteem contributed to them becoming alcoholics. One lady talked about how being around certain people made her became an alcoholic. She thought it was okay to drink because it was legal, so she was perfectly fine with consuming large amounts of alcohol. I found this…

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