Essay about Should Sex Education Be Mandatory?

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Sex Education The United States has one of the highest teen pregnancy rates in the western industrialized world. The topic of mandatory sex education in public schools can be the source of debate. Although many think it should only be taught at home, sex education in The United States should be mandatory because: teenagers will always take part in sexual activity, students will feel comfortable discussing the sensitive topic, and it will ensure that all students receive a proper sex education. This may not be easy for some people to hear, parents especially, but teenagers are going to have sex. “In a study conducted by America’s Center for Disease Control it is stated that 47.4 percent of high school students have had sex”(Siebold). This means that just about half of all teenagers are having or have had sex; What they do not have is a proper sex education. If Sex Education were implemented as a mandatory course in the high school curriculum, then students would properly learn about topics such as contraception and sexually transmitted diseases from an instructor who is well-educated on such topics. This is a much more advantageous method for adolescents to learn about sex rather than how they learn now, which is from pornographic media or their friends that know as much about sex as they do. The Center for Disease Control announced that “one in five births to U.S. teenagers is not their first child”(Siebold). There can be various reasons as to why teens are having sex that…

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