Essay on Should Science Be Taught Than Science?

1301 Words Oct 21st, 2015 null Page
How much of your daily life is influenced by science? An immediate response nearly all people might have is little to none yet in hindsight, a good deal of our daily habits are in fact influenced by science. For example, the smart phone or the tablet you own were created as a result of scientific technology. However the United States has been gradually falling behind other countries when it comes to scientific advancements. This is a result of a lacking emphasis on the sciences throughout the United States education system. Something must be done sooner than later in order to improve our overall proficiency in the sciences here in the United States. Science should be taught more in schools because it improves our overall quality of life through scientific advancements. Scientific advancements in various fields such as technology and medicine allow for our world to continually exist. Without such scientific advancements, the global population would be cemented in the dark ages. There would be no light bulbs or cell phones. Inventions rooted in science have allowed for the global quality of life to steadily improve over the course of the past few centuries. When referencing quality of life, you might be wondering exactly what that means in this context. In regard to this argument, quality of life can be defined as the overall state of well-being which someone or a society experiences. If science is aiding in the improvement of our society, why is it not more prevalent in…

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