Essay on Should School Uniforms Be Mandatory?

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Traditionally favored by private schools, uniforms have recently been adopted by US public schools in increasing numbers. During the 2011 to 2012 school year, almost one in five US public schools required students to wear uniforms. Mandatory uniform policies in public schools are found more commonly in high-poverty areas, in order to prevent gang related violence and allow for a focused environment for students. With that being said, one may say that school uniforms should be mandatory in all schools, whether they are private, public or magnet. Schools become more productive by eliminating the fashion aspect of what students wear every day. Uniforms allow for an equal playing field among students, valuable class time to be used more productively, they enhance students’ focus on education, they improved punctuality, uniforms are cost effective, and they help improve and enforce school safety.
For years school uniforms have been popular in many private schools, but in recent years they have become common in public school systems. It has been accepted that students that are dressed in uniforms are set at an equal playing field. Therefore, reducing bullying and peer pressure. Roughly 160,000 students miss school daily due to the fear being verbally or physically attacked or intimidated by other students ("Uniforms Help Prevent Bullying"). Uniforms take control of the issue by not allowing one student to be physically portrayed better than another. When all students are dressed…

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