Should School Uniforms Be Mandatory? Essay

784 Words Oct 30th, 2016 4 Pages
One of the popular questions in educational system in recent years is weather students of public schools wear uniforms or not. I have come across this debate at least twice a year either on television or on a radio. As more people are involving in these debates every year, it is still unclear where our Government is standing in this issue.

As uniforms were required in most schools in the past, we all know it was also a trending fashion in work environment for various reasons. Although we can see more freedom about dress codes in recent years, we were stricter in this regard in the past, as we just come to realize it. It was a mandatory dress code almost in every school cross the World. As times have changed along with our culture, work ethics along with technology, we are now discussing whether to go back to uniform days. Making it a mandatory again in most schools as it is getting out of hand with economical differences of families, internet and fashion. As these facts are making it harder to decide for the families and other authorities, some of them simply oppose the idea by claiming they want a total freedom in their children’s schools.
I am a strong believer on wearing uniforms in public schools. There are numerous benefits from wearing uniforms in Public schools. Therefore, it should be a mandatory in every school cross the Planet, excluding universities. It is simply a student identity we put on our children. Identity amongst them, identity outside of the school…

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