Should People Be Judged For Accidents? Essay

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Should people be judged for accidents? Should they be put on trial for a crime they had no control over? All over the world people are involved in tragic accidents that they had little power to stop and could not prevent. Some escape the noose while others are strung up to answer for their assumed crimes. In Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None, a crazy judge seeks to commit his own murder to make his name famous. To accomplish his goal, he finds people who escaped judgment for killing people. While a good many of these people are revealed to have committed murder on purpose, others were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Is it just to execute these people for mistakes? It depends on how the accident occurred and whether the murderer was liable for his or her actions.
Anthony Marston is convicted guilty for killing two children while driving recklessly (Page 43). His reflections show that he doesn’t really seem to care about having done so. “‘Beastly bad luck,’ (Marston) ‘For them, or for you?’ (Wargrave) ‘Well, I was thinking –for me– but of course you’re right, sir, it was damned bad luck on them. Of course it was a pure accident. They rushed out of some cottage or other. I had my license endorsed for a year. Beastly nuisance’ (Marston)” (page 62). He is very insensitive towards the dead children and blames their death on themselves. What he says doesn’t help in his case, but he was not responsible for the children, nor did he intend on killing them.…

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