Should Parents Vaccinate Their Child? Essay

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Should Parents Vaccinate Their Child ?

One of the biggest issues facing parents today is whether or not to vaccinate their children. Some parents do not want to vaccinate their children because they feel that the vaccinations can cause harm to the child. Others simply feel that their children belong to them and that government should have no say in what they do about vaccinating them. Still other people say that it is irresponsible not to vaccinate children from diseases which could be devastating to them and others around them. The first reason that parents feel that their children do not need the standard vaccines is that the diseases that they receive vaccinations for are no longer common problems. Parents think because of certain studies that children are having a higher rate of seizure disorder. Other reports indicate that some children who have been vaccinated show traits of Autism Disorder. It is easy then to understand that no parent would want to do something that could potentially hurt a child. How heartbreaking it would be to have a child become disabled after vaccinations. Even though a few studies have been done which link vaccines to certain negative consequences for individuals, the results of these studies could have a drastic effect on many people. Due to parents refusing vaccinations in certain parts of the country, illnesses like polio, small poxes, whooping cough that had been virtually wiped out are now showing up much more frequently.…

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